Aclassum Ltd – Experts in Construction Contract Management, Claims & Dispute Management, Project Advisory, Supply Chain Management, Commercial Management and Procurement & Sourcing Services.

Aclassum Ltd is a Finland based globally working company specialized in providing high quality consultancy and support services for different industries. Our mission is to support our client's operation and delivery of major construction projects. Based on our Client's needs, our experts can work as a part of their site organization or services can be provided from the back-office.

Our Expertise

Aclassum Ltd’s expert services offering covers the entire lifecycle of the construction project – From the planning and preparation of the new construction project to the execution of the construction project and Plant operation support.

Our Solutions and Services

Aclassum Ltd offers targeted solutions, services and expert resources according to client's specific needs. Such needs could be for example:

Construction Projects

Planning and preparation of the construction Project - Support for the tendering material preparation, bidding and bid evaluation process - Support for the Plant delivery Contract negotiations and establishment - Support for the execution of the construction Project - Project procedure and process development - Project Contract Management - Compliance management and assurance.

Contract Management

Contract management – Claims/dispute avoidance and management - Contract change management - Contract negotiations - Contract compliance evaluation and management - Contract reviews, analysis and advisory services - Commercial evaluations and estimations - Contracting strategy development - Contract risk evaluation and mitigation plans - Contract management process development - Preparation of contractual performance reports and lessons learned.

Sourcing & Procurement

Process and procedure development - Evaluation and development of Contract documents and Contract templates - Development of tendering process material (RFP, RFQ, etc.) - Development and implementation of procurement, category management and sourcing plans and strategies - Leading and coordination of procurement/contracting activities - Spend analysis - Assessment of the supply/supplier markets - Supplier performance analysis and management - Development of sourcing and outsourcing strategies - Contract negotiations – Spare parts management - Procurement digitalization, eProcurement portals.

Supply Chain Management

Controlling and overseeing of manufacturing and delivery processes - Expediting - Supply chain management coordination at the project site - Planning and implementation of logistical strategy - Management and overseeing goods storage, handling and distribution - Inventory control and management - Management of supply chain staff - Development of overall supply chain performance - Coordination with procurement managers and buyers – Supply Chain performance and capability assessments - Supplier audits.

Benefits to our Customers

We understand your business needs - Our personnel have extensive experience from working within different industries.

Commitment - Aclassum Ltd is owned by its personnel. Our staff members are highly motivated, determined and committed to deliver the best quality and serve your specific needs.

Efficiency - Lean and agile organisation.

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